Soup 'Ah Sandwich! Right across the Street from Renys!

I think a nice restaurant idea would be Soup ‘ah Sandwich. It would feature lower cost ½ sandwich and soup specials. It would probably be a good chain to start in Maine, Vermont or New Hampshire. Or, you could change the name slightly and make it a waterfront or Florida place: Soup arrrrr Sandwich. A pirate theme.

Location is key. Right now on Maine Street in Bridgton, Maine there are two new units for sale. Not for lease, for sale. Directly across the street is a Reny’s. It’s a low cost, quality mini department store. It’s just expanded. A short walk away is the new Magic Lantern Movie Theater, slated to open in a couple weeks. Downtown Bridgton is thriving. I would put a Soup ‘ah Sandwich right in one of those open units. You get the little old ladies who love Renys. You give them the daily 4.99 or 5.99 ½ sandwich and soup special (hopefully their daughter who’s with them gets the 8.99 Chicken Caesar Salad).
You also get the great summer business!

In a couple years you could easily have three or four Soup ‘ah Sandwiches across Maine.

That’s a great chain restaurant idea. Have fun!

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