Free Great Mundane Blog Ideas

Presented in partnership with The Ultra Mundane:

A Yearning Undefined
Mother’s Milk verses Prozac
The effects of not breast feeding on the boomer generation and beyond.

This is ok, but that was Awesome!
A Gastronomic Survey
Interrupting people at eating establishments to ask them about their favorite meal ever.

Moo versus Woo
Cud Filter Optional
Catch people saying ’woo’ on video and then interview them to see if they are anything like cattle.

Regis and Kelly and Me
Live blogging while watching the monologue of Live with Regis and Kelly everyday.

It’s All About Me
I Knew It!
Picking out, tracking down, interviewing and examining people you come across in even the slightest of ways to prove that the only reason they exist was to cross your path.

Straight to the Dump
Eliminating the Middle Man since 2008
Go to wal-mart, pick something out, buy it, then bring it straight to the dump.
Document with photos and/or video.

Back from the Dump
A Coffee and Danish Revenue Source
Finding stuff at the dump and bringing it to Wal-mart for a refund then buying a cup of coffee and pastry with the cash.
Document with photos and/or video.

Breakout Dance!
One Person Dancing to Breakout by Swing Out Sister
All posts a video of the same person dancing to Breakout by Swing Out Sister. Titles of posts would be Trailer Dance, Shower Stall Dance, Steps of a Church Dance, Fenway Dance, ect.

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