Great Ideas Blog Roundup

Pat Doyle has given us 23 Great Ideas for Blog Posts, Momma has given us 5 Indoor Activities to Keep You Sane, and Christine OKelly at Self Made Chick tells us how to turn Shit into Sugar:

"I’ve been kind of obsessed with 50 Cent’s new reality show ‘The Money and the Power.’ If you haven’t been following, it’s like a g-style version of The Apprentice where the contestants live in a crappy warehouse while they are tested and judged by Mr. Fitty and his G-Unit crew. Every week the challenges revolve around one of 50’s words of street wisdom – such as “Choose Your Crew Wisely,” “Respect the Hustle,” and one of my favorite new sayings “Turn Sh** To Sugar.”

Just last week, I mixed a little sh** with Fitty’s wisdom and a healthy scoop of a Mindshift technique learned..."

Also: Ali Hale, via Dumb Little Man, gives us 5 Easy Ways to Fit Excersise into our Busy Schedules, Ian Newby-Clark, via Zen Habits, enlightens us with "The Power of Gradual", and Michelle MacPhearson has a great new mantra to drive our intentions: Momentum:

"Rather then set specific “resolutions” for the new year, I decided on a theme to carry me through 2009 and I wanted to share it withyou, as it’s something both new and experieced marketers can benefit from.
The theme itself? MOMENTUM!
That’s moving forward (not just moving on).
I had an absolute rash of personal stuff come up just after the 1st that has kept me both literally busy and emotionally busy. It’s been hard to concentrate on work stuff as I’m so busy worrying about the personal.
And I repeated to myself, 'Momentum, momentum, momentum…'"


Christine said...

That cracked me up to see that picture here! So glad you like the post and thanks for these great links!

Barker said...

You're welcome Christine. Work in in progress. Love your articles over at Self Made Chick. Thanks for the inspiration! I need all I can get!