Electronic and Backwards Bumper Stickers

The advances in electronic paper have made it possible to have electronic bumper stickers.
These could be used for personal messages or for advertising or both.
The message, if personal, could be changed from inside the car at the drivers whim, perhaps with a device that picks from some preset message choices. This would be great fun and the major selling point for the stickers.

As an advertising medium, the message could be changed by satellite or cell phone technology. A company , or an advertising company selling the mini bill boards, would change the message from a distant location.

A combination of the two systems would drive the price down and make it affordable for the car owner as long as they were willing to have rotating advertisements mixed in with their personal messages, much like banner ads on the internet let people like me blog for free.

Another thing you don’t see much of is the backwards bumper sticker. These would be bumper stickers that you put on the front bumper to be read by people from their rear view mirror. The lettering would have to be backward, like the lettering on the front of an ambulance.

The backwards bump stickers could make for some new takes on old favorites:

Of course, their maybe legislation someday to outlaw or restrict both of these bumper sticker ideas, but that would only be proof that they were successful and therefore great ideas.

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