A No Repeat Holiday Season for Radio Stations

Christmas music seems to get on everyone’s nerves by the end of the Holiday Season. Part of the problem is the repetition. Really, how many times can you listen to the standards like White Christmas by Bing Crosby and Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms without going a little nuts.
In the workplace, if the radio is turned to the local Christmas Music station, you’d probably hear these songs five or more times a day! Even renditions by artists you enjoy will get beaten into you!

That’s why we think that some radio stations in local markets should adopt a Alternative Indie Christmas Music Format for the Holiday Season.

Why play the same old things over and over when there is a plethora of Christmas Music, both originals and covers of the classics, out there to choose from?

To up the anti, the Radio Station that is brilliant enough to use this idea should declare a No Repeat Holiday Season by promising not to repeat any Christmas Songs between Thanksgiving and New Years.

It would be a great marketing campaign and help make for a more joyous, fun and fantasic Holiday Season for us all!

Merry Christmas from Great Ideas!

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