Successful TV Series to Movie Idea: Thinking Ahead

As I was driving the Journey song Don’t Stop Believing came on and I was reminded of the Sopranos (that song was used in the final episode). I started to wonder if they would ever make a movie of that series. It has long been thought that they might, and it surely would be a successful venture, but the problem is that a lot of the show’s favorite characters are dead now.

Of course they could be brought back in dream or flashback sequences, but obviously the great meaty years of the show could never be recreated, especially since it’s always been a continuing story line with character development and growth. Even more so for the younger characters.

They could use stock footage and find someway to give the audience enough of the early years to satisfy the nostalgia, but I was thinking that a good idea for any popular series would be to film ‘the movie’ right during the peak years. Then, when the time comes to make the movie, a slightly referenced but separate plot line could be shown from when the characters were still fresh. Later in the movie the plot line could move ahead to ‘the present’, to when after the regular television series ended.

In the case of the Soprano’s, for example, there is more than enough lose ends to still mop up with a movie. For example, there is that hot mob boss on Sicily that Tony almost had an affair with. (He didn’t because it was ‘bad for business’):

Not to mention Furio, who left the states after almost killing Tony because he fell in love with Carmela:

Then there was the Russian who escaped into the woods and was never heard of again:

You take three story lines like those and combine them with a new, previously unseen plot from the early years and then segue that into the current years then you will have a substantial movie with enough left over for a sequel.

Think how interesting it would be to see your favorite characters younger again and then halfway through the movie see them again as they are ‘now’. It would be like seeing two movies in one!

So if I had a successful series going on right now,

I would try to fit in a movie schedule.

You got to admit it’s a pretty good idea.

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