Black and Tan Kits

Today as I was purchasing some beer I thought how nice it would be to have a black and tan, that wonderful concoction which requires a pale ale and a stout poured perfectly together. A nice black and brown mix that makes for a great afternoon or evening of inebriation.

The problem was that I didn't feel like buying the two types of beer needed to make a great black and tan. That's when I thought that it would be nice to have 12 and 6 pack black and tan 'kits'.

Guinness and Bass Ale, the classic combo, could put together such a kit, and even small brewers, most of which make their own stout and pale ale, could also market such an item. I'd buy it!

An extra selling point would be if they included a stout pouring spoon, a cheap plastic one even, which would help the layman pour his perfect layered mix.

Add a couple pint glasses and you have a wonderful gift for the holidays.

So here's a CHEERS! To another great idea!

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